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ASHI Texas


The Texas Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors decided it was time to replace their 10-year old network of web sites. Aside from the basic member content, the original site included an ASP.net member database. Since ASP.net is outdated, the database had to be replaced with an updated tool that would allow ASHI’s web master to easily manage its members.

In addition, the organization wanted to empower their members to have more control over their own member profile, allow them to interact with other members within a closed social network and contribute to a collective library of resources, documents and videos.

Their web network included 13 web sites, 12 of which included custom loops that pulled a dynamic list of members from the database based on location. For example, if you are on the Houston chapters web site, the members in the Houston area were pulled from the database and presented on the homepage. Every site had to be migrated to WordPress.

On the primary site ashitexas.org, I built a custom plugin to allow users to quickly search the members database for home inspectors in their area by city or zip code. The search results are listed according to calculations based on member rank and location proximity.

The new network was comprised of a WordPress multisite containing 13 “child” sites and BuddyPress. In 2014, 10 additional “child” sites were added to the network.

What I Did

  • WordPress multisite installation set up
  • Configuration of BuddyPress
  • Custom-built member search plugin
  • Built a total of 23 WordPress sites within multisite network
  • Built custom template to dynamically pull queries from member database for 22 sites
  • Content management
  • Trained client on how to use WordPress
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates of entire network