This restaurant was in need of a new web site that showcased their cuisine as well as the character of the historical home where it resides, nestled in a small town in Colorado.

There were no designs; only a logo, a menu and photography. Based on these inputs, I created a web design that brought their brand to life, showcasing their personality, while also making it simple for their customers to browse menus, learn about upcoming events, purchase gift certificates and contact them for catering.

It was also critical that the new site allowed their staff to easily update content, where it be changing their ever-changing seasonal menu or adding new photos to the gallery. The upgrade to a WordPress and a modular site build ensured that ease of management, so that even those with little technical skill could make updates. View this site.

What I Did

  • Build of responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress web site
  • Design through development approach, eliminating the cost for a designer
  • Set up and integration of events calendar
  • Migration of content
  • Photo editing