Austin Bike Farm is a bike retail and service shop in Austin, Texas. When I met the owner, he had a completely static html site with a few images and contact information.

His goal was to eventually sell bikes, parts and accessories directly through the web site using an simple-to-use CMS, so that he wouldn’t have to hire a developer every time he wanted to add a new product.

A WordPress and WooCommerce combo was the best solution for ABF. Next, we needed a design. The owner wanted a look inspired by Orson Welles’ “Animal Farm” and WWII era propaganda artwork. This was definitely the biggest design challenge my team had worked on up to that point. It was really cool to see it come alive. View this site.

What I Did

  • WordPress installation
  • WooCommerce store set up
  • Creation of completely custom design
  • Theme customization based on design
  • Set up of products and pages
  • Set up, integration and skinning of “Mobile Bike Scheduler” appointment system
  • Set up of Bitcoin payment gateway
  • Ongoing site maintenance, updates, back ups and changes

The site is easy to use. I can’t load bikes on there fast enough!
I can tell it’s working, people call about the bikes listed all the time.