This blog, written by a well-known lawyer in East Texas, has a vast national following since it covers developments in copyright and intellectual property law in a district favorable to cases such as this. The blog was originally created in Typepad, which was very limiting in terms of functionality, mobile compatibility and design. The client was ready to make a change and WordPress was the best match for his blogging needs.

In addition to moving to WordPress, monetization was also important. To achieve this, I integrated a paywall, so only subscribed and paid users could access the full content of posts.

The new site allows the client to easily post daily updates to the site, which are automatically pushed out to social channels. View this site.

What I Did

  • Migration of existing blog content from TypePad to WordPress
  • Development of responsive WordPress site
  • Build of customized theme based on Client-provided PSDs
  • Set up, integration and skinning of OmniSecure, a third-party paywall tool
  • Ongoing customization to the paywall to meet the client’s unique needs