Scalable and flexible. Those were the primary requirements for this web site. Inspired Croatia has a variety of offerings including an “ecocamp” where people can camp under olive orchards, yoga workshops, local events in partnership with area businesses, promotion of living an eco-friendly life and eventually, a restaurant and bar. The site needed to cover all of these areas and provide the flexibility to morph and change along with the business, without resulting in additional development costs.

This WordPress site was built in a modular style, allowing for maximum flexibility on the client side in changing and moving content. For example, the client is able to create multiple news feeds that are specific to a topic independently. No development needed.

I worked closely with the client and designer to develop a personalized look for the site that truly conveyed the couple’s personality and passion. The logo was illustrated and the watercolor in the background were both done by hand then digitized.

Since launch, the client has completely changed the site’s layout as the business goals have evolved, all on her own based on minimal training. View this site.

What I Did

  • Set up and installation of WordPress
  • Close collaboration with client and designer to translate the vision to web
  • Custom build of design based on provided Photoshop files
  • Set up and integration of QR-code based ticketing system, allowing client to take payments
  • Set up and integration of events calendar
  • Monthly updates, back ups and maintenance of site